Video Production

Attention Engine is a full service video production company that will help you write, produce, shoot and edit your video project for broadcast or the web.  As more and more people turn to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and internet TVs, videos become and even more effective method to communicate your brand, story, or message.  Online video courses, mini “work” documentaries, music videos for up and coming artists, talking head interviews, and book trailers are just some of the videos Attention Engine has created for a wide range of clientele.

Live Event Recording

Have a live event or performance you want to record on a budget? Attention Engine works with some of the most cutting edge names in the game, and can record up to 12 cameras at once with as little as a two man crew. Music performances, plays, dances, presentations, contact us now and find out what solutions we have for you.

Free Consultation

Contact Attention Engine now for a free 15-minute consultation.