Kickstarter Campaigns

Crowdfunding is changing business, art, and technology. There’s never been an easier time to take a brilliant idea and make it a reality. Crowdfunding leverages the connecting power of the internet with micro donations, allowing artists, startups, and entrepreneurs to fuel their endeavors in ways never before possible. is probably the most famous of these sites, quickly followed by and numerous others that seem to spring up by the day.

Attention Engine has helped 3 crowdfunding campaigns get successfully funded in 2013. (Share, Monster Elementary, and Only Everything).

Running a crowdfunding campaign is not “easy money”. For most people it because nearly a full time job throughout the duration of the campaign, and takes a considerable amount of work to do successfully. Crowdfunding campaigns are really mini startups, you need a clever marketing plan, specific target audience, product funnel, and as large a social network reach as you can to make your dreams a reality.

Attention Engine can specifically help you from the get go by planning out an action plan for your campaign, and most importantly, help you create a catchy “pitch video” that tells the story of you campaign in short and entertaining ways. Creating a good pitch video is crucial to having a successful campaign.

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