Demo Reel Scenes

It’s tough to get work in Hollywood without a reel – and it’s tough to build a reel without getting work.  Plus, often after finally landing a gig it can take months to get the footage or schedule time with your editor to update your reel.

Reel Scenes

Attention Engine can help you write, edit, and produce short personalized scenes for your demo reel.  If you’ve got material you’ve already found or written, we can help you shoot that or better yet create something completely unique for you from scratch.  Our Acting Coach will work with you to outline what types of scenes will best showcase your talent, and then we’ll write original material from scratch that shows you at your best.

Demo Reel Editing

If you’ve already got a reel and just need to update or rework it with new material, we can do that too.  Bring us your old projects files or footage and we’ll hand you back a professionally edited high quality DVD and Youtube ready h.264 file.  We can even upload it for you if you technology isn’t your thinkg.

Free Consultation

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