About Us

Attention Engine specializes in media production for the attention economy.

Websites, podcasts, mailing lists, online videos, and social media are no longer options, they’re  necessities for the survival of your brand or artstic voice.

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate.  Barely seven years old, there are now 72 hours of video uploaded to youtube every single minute.  Social networks, television, music, films, blogs…there are more forms of media than ever and each are competing for our attention in any given moment.  The internet as we know it has removed “access” from being the main barrier to the consumption of information.  The division between consumer and publisher has collapsed along with the division between now and then.  Painters, musicians, writers, artists and businesses of all kind must now compete not only with each other, but with the entire history of their medium.  With so many choices and so much information available in any given moment, it’s more important than ever to make your brand or voice as accessible in as many ways as possible.

No matter what market you serve, Attention Engine can help you stand out from the crowd.  Our team has over 15 years of experience in web development, video production, and technical support, we’ll help you stay competitive in the ever expanding online digital space.

The Founders:

Jason Lange

Digital Media Specialist and Online Guru

Jason specializes in digital media production, wordpress development, and general technology coaching.

Jason has been working in film/video, technology support, and website creation for over 10 years. He’s helped launch non-profits, co-created television shows for broadcast on national networks, and help numerous entrepreneurs get their brand online with videos, audio, and more.

Digital Media Creation

With extensive experience producing, shooting, directing, and editing, Jason can help creating online media content from pre-production through deployment. Creating regular, high quality media content is more important than ever, be it online video courses, documentaries, or podcasts. Just having a website is no longer enough in the day of youtube, social media networks, and smart phones.

WordPress Development

Gone are the days of having to build *everything* from scratch. Powerful content management solutions like WordPress mean you can get your site up and running faster than ever before, all while leveraging the power of open source software solutions and communities. Jason has developed dozens of wordpress powered sites: personal portfolios, blogs, e-commerce sites, business sites, and more.

Favorite Parts of the Engine

Casey Capshaw

Growth Hacker and Online Marketing Systems Expert

Casey specializes in integrated online business systems that expand your market reach, automate your repetitive processes, and clearly convey your message to the right audience.

With 10 years of web building experience, and 5 years as a WordPress-specific front-end developer, Casey knows how to build an effective online presence.  He creates highly functional, user-friendly, SEO optimized websites for small to medium-sized businesses and capitalizes on robust open-source technology which delivers maximal features at minimal expense.

Marketing and Business Automation

Using leading edge tools, Casey will help you free up valuable cycles in your work day by automating many repetitive marketing and customer relations tasks. This will also result in more consistency in your message, more efficiency in your communication, more targeting of your audience and ultimately, more conversions, sales or sign-ups.

Casey will help you get the most out of the available online toolset by coaching you through the process of re-imagining your marketing efforts for greater automation, targeting, and personalization to your individual customers.

Marketing Consulting

An efficient toolset will only take you so far. To get the most of these tools, a deeper understanding and clarity of message is required.

Casey works with clients to help them understand the online landscape, their particular market and the best ways to communicate with that market. He teaches the best practices for high pagerank, high conversion rate, and new lead generation.

Favorite Parts of the Engine

When I recently found myself needing a WordPress programmer thank goodness Casey Capshaw was referred to me! He is the most talented WordPress programmer I could ever have imagined working with. After our initial phone call, very quickly Casey brought to life a Photoshop design that I’d only dreamed of ever becoming a fully functional, breathing website.

I’m very particular about details, fine-tooth comb everything twice over, and through it all, Casey went above and beyond his commitment to me to ensure I had exactly the site I wanted, and that I was completely satisfied.

Casey is crazy gifted and knowledgeable at this WordPress scene. He knows what’s possible, what work-arounds are available to create what you’re looking to do, and actually knows how to DO it. He’s professional, organized, timely, patient, approachable, and uber dependable. As a client, his work feels to me so effortless, so natural; he performs requests so quickly and without needing to ‘look into’ anything.

Casey is all-around on his GAME.

Several times he told me when we began working together, “I want you to have exactly the site you dream of.” My perfectionism can be tough to work with but he kept his word. He customized for me every pixel, color shade, and line height that I fretted over and asked for. To everyone I know, and everyone reading this; Casey is the real deal, a top-notch rock star who will create or jumpstart a WordPress site for you that will have you dancing!”

– Rosa Conti | www.rosaconti.com