Do You Even Need a Website?

It’s easier than ever to get online, and easier than ever to start an online business, but do you really need your own website to do either of those?

The truth: NO.

I’ve my past 6 years of website and WordPress development, one trend I’ve noticed is that often times people build sites before they really need them, or even have a plan for them.

With the emergence of social networks, and the proliferation of white label services like Squarespace,, Shopify, and Wix, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting yourself online in the next 24 hours with a fairly robust website, let alone a fully powered wordpress one.

Now, as a company that specializes in wordpress development, why would I suggest that you don’t even need us?

Because you don’t.

The tech of the web, i.e., getting a blog, brand, or brochure site online is getting easier and easier by the day. For many businesses, they may not actually need anything other than a Facebook Page, twitter account, or simple blog.

The real issue to start thinking about is what are you going to DO online. Who’s your audience, tribe, fan base, or customer? What value are you providing them, be it in the form of a service, product, or experience?  And why is it worth them to give you their attention?

Even if it’s just visiting your site, subscribing your your newsletter, or liking you on Facebook – the important question to always ask is why should they? What’s unique about you and your brand? What is it about what you’re putting out there that you absolutely cannot live without?

If you still need to answer these questions, stop even thinking or worrying about your website. RIGHT NOW.  The logo, branding, SEO, functionality, how many people “follow” you – none of that means anything unless you’re clear on what exactly these online tools are being used in service of

When you answer those questions, you may quickly realize you don’t yet HAVE a plan, don’t yet know your market, and maybe don’t even know exactly what you’re offering or hoping to get from being online.

For most, THAT is the place to start, and when that’s where you’re beginning, suddenly it can make a LOT of sense to NOT buy a fully functional & beautifully designed powerhouse wordpress website. Maybe you just need a nice brochure page with basic blogging you can update now and then. If so, checkout squarespace. Maybe you are in the process of refining what your brand, message, product, or teaching is really going to be. If so, all you need to do is start blogging on and building up a following by sharing to the social networks.  Or if you just a a few crafts to sell, get on right now, or shopify account, tumblr account, or any of the dozens of other services that will let you start putting valued content out there and connecting with the world RIGHT NOW.

Whatever the case, don’t spend the money until you have to. Often times it will become VERY obvious when the time has come that you need a custom site. Plus, the very signals that tell you that, often mean there’s probably enough attention coming your way that the endeavor will pay for itself. When it comes to the web, there is no Field of Dreams. Don’t build it first and hope they will come.

Instead, go find and connect with them. Then you can build a home for your new tribe. Then you can spend the time and money to have a designer beautifully manifest the visual qualities of your brand. Then you can have Attention Engine build you a completely customizable and powerhouse of a wordpress site.

But until then, don’t wait. Start blogging. Get on twitter. Create that Facebook page. Do the legwork now to make it so you NEED a website of your own, and aren’t just wanting one.

It’s not the tech that’s hard. It’s getting the attention.

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